Musculoskeletal Modeling Workshop is organized by James Shippen from the Coventry University (United Kingdom). This BIOMDLORE pre-course will use the BoB musculoskeletal modeling package to perform biomechanical analysis of scenarios ranging from simple, single joint trials to motion captured complex movements.

Topics which will be covered include:

  • importing motion data;
  • calculation of ground reaction forces;
  • calculation of joint torques;
  • calculation of muscle and joint forces;
  • animation output;
  • plotting of biomechanical metrics.

Each participant will be provided with a temporary BoB licence. Participants are required to bring their own PCs (not Mac) with a minimum of 1 GB space on the hard drive.

James Shippen
Coventry University (United Kingdom)

After taking an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, James Shippen was employed in the defense industry performing stress and performance calculations on torpedoes. He then moved to work in the Department of Design Analysis for Rover Cars where he undertook dynamic analysis and mathematical simulation of passenger vehicles primarily using finite element method. There arose a requirement for acoustic modeling which Rover did not have and so he wrote an acoustic capability into a commercially available finite element package for which he was awarded a PhD by the University of Birmingham and was offered a lectureship in Mechanical Engineering. At the University of Birmingham James Shippen specialized in applying engineering theory to biological systems where he was promoted to Director of Bioengineering and worked with many hospitals in the US and UK.