21 October

10.00 – 15.30Registration in VILNIUS TECH
Department of Biomechanical Engineering, Basanavičiaus str. 28A, 2-107, Vilnius
16.00 – 17.30 Excursion “Place of Grand Dukes of Lithuania”
Register to the excursion via mebi@vilniustech.lt until 21 October 12 a.m. Meeting point: 15.45 at the Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower

22 October

8.00 – 8.30Registration (Crowne Plaza)
Welcome Tea/Coffee
  8.30 – 9.00Welcome & Introduction
Prof. Julius Griškevičius, Vilnius Tech University (LT)
  9.00 – 9.45Opening Keynote lecture
Artificial intelligence solutions for health and wellness
Adel S. Elmaghraby,
University of Louisville (USA)
  9.45 – 10.00Tea/Coffee break
10.00 – 13.00FIRST SESSION
Chairs: Jolanta Pauk, Bialystok University of Technology (PL) and Sebastian Dendorfer, OTH Regensburg (GER)
10.05 – 10.20Biomechanical Analysis of the Right Elevated Glenohumeral Joint in Violinists during Legato-Playing
Anne-Sophie Saffert (GER) – student competition
10.20 – 10.35Numerical Investigations of a Dragonfly Wing
Vera Stelzer, OTH Regensburg, (GER)
10.35 – 10.50Research on physical activity variability and changes of metabolic profile in patients with prediabetes using Fitbit activity trackers data
Antanas Bliūdžius, Vilnius University (LT)
10.55 – 11.10Prediction of complications in ostomized patients from laboratory analytical data using a machine learning approach
Oscar Jossa Bastidas, University of Deusto (ESP) – student competition
11.10 – 11.25Pain Recognition from Finger Plethysmography using Neural Networks
Povilas Piartli, Kaunas University of Technology (LT) – student competition
11.25 – 11.40Classification and Action Rules in Identification and Self-Care Assessment Problems
Malgorzata Zdrodowska, Bialystok University of Technology (PL)
11.40 – 11.55An effect of spinal and ankle-foot orthoses on gait of spastic diplegic child: a case report
Jurgita Žižienė, Vilnius Tech University (LT) – student competition
11.55 – 12.10Detection of Wheelchair Orientation in Human-Robot Interactions
Jessica Y. Bo, University of British Columbia, (CAN) – student competition
12.10 – 12.25Magnetic method for 5 Degree-of-freedom jaw position estimation
Mantas Jucevičius, Kaunas University of Technology (LT) – student competition
12.25 – 12.40Computational analysis of aortic hemodynamics in the presence of ascending aortic aneurysm
Aleksandra Petuchova, Vilnius Tech University (LT) – student competition
13.00 – 14.00LunchCrowne Plaza
14.00 – 14.45Keynote lecture
Biotribology in arthroplasty: In-silico wear prediction in lubricated total hip replacements
Alessandro Ruggiero
, University of Salerno (IT)
14.45 – 17.15SECOND SESSION
Chairs: Aurelijus Domeika, Kaunas University of Technology (LT) and Adel S. Elmaghraby, University of Louisville (USA)
14.45 – 15.00A computational method to differentiate rheumatoid arthritis patients using thermography data
Jolanta Pauk, Bialystok University of Technology (PL)
15.00 – 15.15Application of nonlinear analysis for the assessment of gait in patients with Parkinson’s disease
Donatas Lukšys, Vilnius Tech University (LT) – student competition
15.15 – 15.30Quantitative assessment of the level of instability of a single-plane balance platform
Vaidotas Gudžiūnas, Kaunas University of Technology (LT) – student competition
15.30 – 15.45Technical Analysis of the Displacements of the Centre of Pressure in the Standing Posture Based on Data Obtained Using Selected Stock Market Indicators
Marta Chmura, Silesian University of Technology (PL)
15.45 – 16.00Cortical activity, kinematics and trunk muscles activity response to pelvis movements during unstable sitting
Ieva Aleknaitė-Dambrauskienė, Kaunas University of Technology (LT)
16.00 – 16.15Smart textile device for shooter’s fingers movement monitoring
Alexei Katashev, Riga Technical University (LV)
16.15 – 16.30The effect of physiotherapy on body balance and pain intensity of elite female handball player after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and medial meniscus fixation: A case study
Martynas Ramanauskas, Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (LT)
16.30 – 16.45Nursing of Patients with Hemodialysis Line Catheter in Intensive Care Unit
Gražina Mažvylienė (Zyta Kuzborska), Vilnius Tech University (LT)
16.45 – 17.00Influence of Signal Acquisition Location on Blood Pressure Parameters in Photoplethysmogram
Karolina Jančiulevičiūtė, Kaunas University of Technology (LT) – student competition
17.00 – 17.15Empirical study of the mechanical properties of spayed canine vertebrae
Ernest Kostenko, Vilnius Tech University (LT) – student competition
17.15 – 17.35Tea/Coffee break
17.35 – 18.00Award and Closing ceremony
Organizing Committee chairs Julius Griškevičius, Vilnius Tech University (LT) and Jolanta Pauk, Bialystok University of Technology (PL)
18.00 – 20.00Closing dinner, Crowne Plaza

23 October

10.00 – 12.00Walk in Vilnius Old Town

Student competition – Lithuanian Society of Biomechanics establishes Young Scientist award with the purpose to honour excellence in biomechanics and biomedical engineering as a motivation for young aspiring researchers pursuing PhD, MSc or BSc degrees. The winner will be decided based on the votes expressed by the conference attendees and combining with the votes from award committee. The winner of student competition will receive a certificate and prize during the award ceremony.