You must have EU COVID certificates or another document proving that you have been vaccinated or have immunity, because according to the new requirements in Lithuania, you can only enter the interior of the building with a certificate.

According to the decisions of the State-level Emergency State Operations Manager of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and additional security measures applied by the city, the following rules apply to public transport in the capital:

  • Wear face masks or other means on buses and trolleybuses. The rule applies to all older than 6 years old passengers.
  • Disinfect your hands. You will find disinfectant on every bus and trolleybus in the capital.

Carriers will continue to disinfect and clean public transport. Each vehicle is disinfected at least twice a day. It is recommended not to sell tickets on public transport and thus limit contact with passengers, so drivers do not sell paper tickets. In vehicles where the driver’s cab is closed, the barrier strips will be removed. Where the cab is open, lanes will be left, thus limiting contact between the passenger and the driver – these 130 vehicles will not be allowed to enter and exit through the front door.

Currently applicable requirements upon arrival in Lithuania: